Month: April 2018

Health & Wellbeing

  NEW GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES ON ALCOHOL LIMITS Alcohol Guidelines – For comms (1) Grants and advice Above power point presentation from Sara Winnington (Action Surrey) around fuel poverty

Unauthorised Encampments

Large increase in Unauthorised Encampments in Surrey this year… As Local Authorities publish draft Local Plans, you can read responses by Borough from the SGTCF under ‘Planning Matters’ sub heading Details are just emerging of latest Government measures to reduce unauthorised encampments, more details to follow… TRAVELLER ADVICE SERVICE (story – defining Gypsies & Travellers […]

Planning Matters

TRAVELLERS ADVICE HOTLINE TEL: 0121 685 8677 Or follow the link for more details (specialises in accommodation matters) Travellers Advice Web Link Borough Local Plans: – click on the following links to read letters from SGTCF to the borough planners of Guildford, Runnymede & Waverley in response to draft local plans planning-policy-letter-guildford planning-policy-letter-runnymede planning-policy-letter-waverley How […]


EDUCATION MATTERS NEED EXPERT ADVICE ON EDUCATION LAW AND THE SCHOOL SYSTEM? For travel expenses only (based in London), call Marc Lorenzi on: 02077385444 or email: ASH MANOR SCHOOL, Ash, Surrey in the news for all the right reasons. Held in high regard throughout the County, Ash Manor School has also been recognised by National […]