A Brand NEW and unique service now available to the GRT in Surrey only


(Gypsy Roma And Traveller Information Surrey)

0300 200 1004

(ask for GRATIS advice line Mon-FRi 10am-4pm)

This is a one stop phone number manned by staff trained in GRT culture with links to the services the community often has difficulty accessing in partnership with Surrey Family Information Service (FIS), Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) & Surrey Gypsy Traveller Communities Forum (SGTCF)

Don’t know who to call?

Have a question about housing, benefits, education, health or something else? 

Then try using this new FREE service live since August 2016

Hundreds of BANNER PENS (see attachment) are being distributed to the GRT community to promote the service, so if you have an issue and don’t know what to do, give them a call…



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