Miriam books

Further recommended reading material:

Janet Keet-Black, Gypsies of Britain (Shire, 2013) 
Rosie Smith & Lindsey Marsh, Old Ways, New Days (Francis Boutle, 2009) 
Peter Ingram, Wagtail Tale (Limes End Yard, 2014) 
Violet Cam, Gypsy Princess (2011) 
Roxy Freeman, Little Gypsy (2011) 
Rosie McKinley, Gypsy Girl (2011) 
Rosemary Penfold, A Field Full of Butterflies (2011) 
Eva Petulengro, The Girl in the Painted Caravan (2011)   

Children’s section: 
Thomas Acton and David Gallant, Romanichal Gypsies (Hodder Wayland – now Hachette – 2008)